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Why Work With Us?

Contracted expertise offers savings and flexibility, as well as access to fresh perspective. With over 15 years of experience in Australian sport, leverage our enthusiastic management skill sets. Let us help your leaders find more room to focus on vision and growth.

Who We Can Help

We're here to help national and state sporting bodies, as well as local associations and clubs. Our team is also well equiped to assist professional sporting organisations and brands.

How We Can Help
  • Manage programs and events

  • Develop pathways for athletes and coaches

  • Coordinate training and motivational initiatives for volunteers

  • Create grassroots programs to engage families around marketing a sport or brand

  • Build bilateral pathways to NCAA universities, and other international sporting organisations

  • Organise for you to travel to engage international expertise, or bring that expertise to you in Australia


Photos courtesy Doug Mills, (c) The New York Times

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