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Jacinda Barclay chose to live with an open heart. From that place, she found the fearlessness to compete successfully in multiple sports to an incredibly high level.


But more than that, Jacinda’s genuine and inclusive nature created a space for those around her to open their own hearts…and to truly express the best parts of themselves. Myself included.


No matter what another person’s station in life, Jacinda treated them with the same high level of dignity and respect. She was also never afraid to stand up for what she believed was right. 


Indeed Barclay lived a life consistent with these values- from her work with underserved children in aboriginal communities, to her fight for female equality in sport and our wider society.


The tragedy of losing Jacinda so young, impacts in so many ways. But put simply, our world is a much lesser place without her light shining in it.


As we each learn to live with our ongoing grief, the way forward is to honour Jacinda Barclay by reflecting as much of her light back into this world as we can.


Come join us.

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